Pollyn Engineering Blog

Dan Reynolds
23 February 2022

Flutter on Five Platforms 💙

A deep dive into what I learned building a cross-platform app with Flutter.

Dan Reynolds
06 February 2022

Reactive State Management with Restate

A guide to implementing Reactive state management in Flutter.

Dan Reynolds
04 February 2022

Building Flutter Widgets across Form Factors

A look at how we use the FormFactorBuilder library to help us build widgets across mobile, tablet and desktop form factors.

Dan Reynolds
18 January 2022

Building a Chrome extension with Flutter

How to expand Flutter web support to build a Chrome extension.

Dan Reynolds
17 January 2022

Building and matching routes

How to build and match routes on Flutter web with RouteBuilder.

Dan Reynolds
16 November 2021

Tips for Building Cross-platform Flutter Apps

A look at the tips and tools we use to structure our cross-platform apps with Flutter.

Dan Reynolds
15 November 2021

Building Cross-Platform apps with PlatformBuilder

A dive into how the PlatformBuilder widget has helped us design cross-platform widgets.

Dan Reynolds
10 November 2021

Slack-style search on Flutter Web

Get Slack-style desktop search modals on Flutter web with the PaginatedSearchBar library.

Dan Reynolds
09 November 2021

Endless: An infinite scroll view library

How and why we built our own infinite scroll view library.

Dan Reynolds
02 November 2021

Building modal flows for Flutter web

Modal flows and wizards are core to many web experiences, so how do we build them for Flutter? Let's take a look.